Advertisement in motion

Combine the motion which attracts attention with the unique design of CityCruiser riksha and your advertisement message will be remembered by everyone. Your ad will be linked to the notion of elegance, environmental thoughtfulness, modern and healthy lifestyle and innovation.

Advertising surface in daily operation

Ecological three-wheelers, powered by our drivers operate in the busiest routes in the center of Prague. Our rikshas evoke positive emotions. They build young, sporty and ecological image of promoted brand or product. Everybody pays attention to our CityCruiser rikshas – no matter where - in the center, at markets, in pedestrian zones or in parks. Wherever the riksha goes it is a true eye catcher.

Permanent stations of our rikshas are located at Old Town square next to the St. Nicholas church and at Republic Square (Náměstí Republiky) in front of the main entrance to the Palladium shopping mall. As rikshas fall into the same vehicle category as bicycles they are allowed into parks and pedestrian zones.

Our vehicles are operational every day, April to November, minimum 8 hours a day. The whole advertising surface of one vehicle has 4,2 m2. The whole cab including the three wheels may carry your advertisement. Our drivers may also wear clothes with your campaign logos as well as distribute promotional materials concerning your campaign. We can help you with graphic design too. 

All vehicles move along busy streets at places in the center of Prague: at Národní třída - Václavské náměstí - Náměstí republiky - Staroměstské náměstí - Josefov - Malostranské náměstí - Anděl.

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Promotion, direct selling and product sampling

City cruiser three wheelers are not only ecological means of transport. We are able to rebuild them to DeliveryCruisers to serve the purpose of direct selling or product sampling. With xBob trailers attached CityCruisers turn into a professional platform for direct selling and contact campaigning.

CityCruiser, DeliveryCruiser and xBob will ensure high rate of awareness for your campaign. They will also enable you to address your customers directly. Both three wheelers are designed in a way that perfectly fulfills the needs of advertising and promotion.

Delivery Cruiser

DeliveryCruiser offers a combination of attractive advertising surface and an environmental friendly means of transportation. In this arrangement the three wheeler is an ideal tool of direct selling and product sampling. The DeliveryCruiser can be equipped with freezer, fridge or a heating unit.


IceBob, HotBob or InfoBob – xBob trailer can turn into anything you like. It is a perfect platform for brand promotion and it enables you to offer your products or services at the busiest locations such as the center of city, at trade shows or in parks – exactly at locations where your customers are! XBob is equipped with perfectly visible advertising surface and provides you with space to accommodate your goods or product samples. XBob can be attached to CityCruiser or DeliveryCruiser three wheelers, it can also be furnished with freezer, fridge or heating unit.




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