About us

Our drivers are guides, hobby mechanics, students, office workers looking for distraction, sports people, but in any case they are all crazy about bikes. They are all proud of being able to do this job. All of them are in love with the city and bike riding. The make a well coordinated team even after their working hours.

Willing to join? You are welcome!

Riding a riksha is a clever way of making some money and keeping yourself fit at the same time. Our service operates seven days a week from April to October. Rikshas are something like a taxi or as a way of sightseeing along several given circuits through the city.

Drivers are expected to work from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m. Generally they are 20 to 40 years old. About a half of them are students, but we also employ artists, musicians and programmers. All these folks like to maintain their fitness in rikshas. Riding the CityCruiser is fun. Imagine that you are being paid for exercising!

To become a riksha driver, you must fulfill strict conditions, but don't worry, you will make it! We require reliability, determination, knowledge of English and most of all personal interest. Other language capabilities are great advantage. You must be interested in communication with customers, you'll also have to be good at navigating the city, not least some knowledge of the city's history is required as well.

Our drivers


I have been guiding tourists on riksha through the center of Prague for 4 years. I am delighted to say that my customers have always enjoyed the unusual experience. Štěpán, 22, student of economy

Štěpán, 22, student of economy


Cruising Prague with riksha is one of the best and adventurous jobs I have ever experienced during my studies.

Ramo, 23, student of geography


Riksha is not just another temporary job for me. It is a way to develop my communicational and language skills. I also like the fact that I exercise while being at work.

Michal, 22, student of design